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To my reviewers of 'GRANGERS CAFE',

I am awfully sorry if you don't read this in time, but I have a very strong feeling that my story will be taken down off the website due to one prissy little anonymous reviewer who decided that my story was unrealistic, sadistic, wrought with child abuse and sexual abuse etc [basically everything that I have put warnings up for] and has decided that I am 'sick' and my story is 'sick' and that they are going to report me.

I thought it would be best to warn you in case this story was literally ruined almost fifty chapters in because some little cow got their knickers in a twist.

The things some people say behind the anonymous tag though is simply disgusting and it just got WORSE:

Chapter 3: it's called a divorce

Chapter 4: it's lily luna, and it's called a divorce, the good parents, ie, the fathers would get custody and gin would go to jail for child abuse, endangerment, theft, embezzlement, conspiricy, and krum would go to jail as well for child abuse, theyd get registered as sex offenders, etc.

Chapter 5: that is evidence. i mean really, you act as though laws dont exist.

Chapter 8: are you 12? who the hell would let all this happen? they are called police and aurors. harry is friends with the minister, and is head auror.

Chapter 9: kids dont act like that after they're 6. seems to me you are a pervert and possibly a child abuser. those kids are 11. you act like laws dont exist and risk is not a big deal. im reporting you.

Chapter 11: no, the lawyer would not be able to do anything in court, because she is rude and you can say, no im not going to hire you because you are rude and swear in a family establishment. are you high or just an idiot?

Chapter 15: of course she can fire ginny. she is a rude worker, swears and makes scenes. everyone who acts that way gets fired. use your brain.

Chapter 19: al and scorp is child abuse. and if their dads marry , it's brother with brother? that's sick. you're sick. you're getting reported.</b>

You see, what this oh so brilliantly LOGICAL person has decided to ignore is that in the HP universe memories can be modified and obliviated, and I think for Harry at the start of the story, getting himself and the children AWAY from Ginny was the main thing that he wanted. And perhaps it was because I have been building UP to Ginny's long-awaited trial just so that it would be jaw-dropping. Yes, a lot of this story has evidence pouring out of it. But even in the muggle universe policemen and detectives can be dumber than a rock, so I don't doubt some magic folk are like that too.

In the chapter 9 review I don't know where the hell 6-year-olds were mentioned in that chapter but I think that this genius has decided that they don't know much about the Harry Potter Universe. Or for that matter, how to use Grammar. Although, yes I am apparently a pervert for addressing some issues that occur in about 2/3's of the world, but hey! I like little kiddies *sarcasm* The sheer pathetic excuse of a brain inside that person's head really makes me worry for humanity.

I'm also wondering, if they hated this story why did they continue to another ten chapters? Did they think my kiddie loving tendencies would diminish? That Ginny would vanish into thin air? Did they actually READ the plot of the story or did they just look for things to gripe about and whine, and complain and PMS about?

Also, did I say Albus and Scorpius were in an intense physical relationship? No, no I don't believe I did. I believe I merely mentioned that -since both come from broken homes and seek the comfort of someone who literally understands what they are going through -And that they have literally matured beyond the mentality of 11-years-old due to their broken homes and having to become increasingly independent. I thought that was a given, but apparently not. Besides, Draco and Harry have not even brought up marriage just yet, Albus and Scorpius are 11, so by the time they want a proper physical relationship they will most likely go off with other people, so no, there will be no brother on brother. Please, don't you dare try to accuse me of things that have literally NOT HAPPENED in my story.

You obviously don't know the definition of paedophile - it would only be that if one of the boys was older than eighteen or sixteen. Anyway, eleven year olds exchanging kisses isn't that weird. Hell, they do that in the real world, so why would it be weird in the HP verse? We're talking about the universe where an eleven year old confronted a troll and an nearly insane teacher. Exchanging a few kisses wouldn't be that weird. And sleeping side by side in the same bed isn't that weird either if they feel comfortable with each other.

The fact that your mind went to that, dear demented reviewer, is the fact that YOU are sick in the head, YOU are a dirty little minded excuse of a human being and YOU should be bloody well reported for such unwarranted abuse of an author simply doing what she loves -writing -about FICTIONAL characters in a FICTIONAL plot line on a FICTIONAL website.

Oh, and if you do read this, I AM NOT 12. I am 21. Learn to read numbers correctly when checking out my profile.

And to my beloved reviewers who know how to politely critique someone, I am sorry for the rant and the insight to my slightly darker my sarcastic state of mind, but I refuse to allow myself be bullied by such disgusting low-life little rejects of humanity, that think it's okay to be so abusive just because they can hide behind the anonymous tag.

I hope you have a good day.


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